Pop of Pink

Hurray for Spring…pollen and all!

Fresh baby green leaves on the trees, Cherry trees in full bloom, dogwood trees, honeysuckle, jasmine…yep, I adore Spring! With all the lovely pops of color in nature, it’s time to add a few pops of color in my home, food and maybe even my hair! I can’t stop looking at her pink pieces…I want some!!  When we were in Vegas and Austin I was seeing color everywhere, hidden little pieces that would pop out when their hair moved just right. I was in love; and as soon as I can get an appointment with my stylist (who just so happens to be my sister) I am doing it!!

photo via Creature Comforts

Cupcakes are way better than just cake in my opinion…it’s the frosting to cake ratio that does it for me. More frosting, more yummy! My husband totally disagrees with me on this issue, and that is why we make a good match!! Right, honey?

Call Me Cupcake made these beauties.!

hello-naomi  makes these cookies look so simple, but something tells me that they are a little trickier to make than it seems. Just look at how pretty and smooth her icing is…my icing loves to fall over the edge, and when I bake my dough it gets puffy and misshapen leaving people to wonder, “is that an X or a butterfly?” Maybe one day I will get the hang of it, but for now I will just look and admire!

Fresh guacamole, fresh salsa, crisp chips and a Pink Grapefruit margarita and I am a happy gal!

 pink chalkboard door

I want to kiss the person who created chalkboard paint…now you can find it in colors?!?! What??  How much fun would it be to have a pink door, or any color, really?? Even if you don’t have a door hanging in your home that you could paint a color, it might be fun to find an old door to paint and hang on a wall somewhere…headboard, playroom wall, anywhere!

Top off the day with a strawberry milkshake !

Happy Spring!


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