Just back from another trip to Vegas!! It feels like we were just there for my 40th birthday in June. This time our trip was with my husband’s company for Chairman’s Club…we were spoiled rotten!! We did not stay at the Stardust, I just love this iconic sign, but we did stay at the stunning Encore hotel. Steve Wynn sure does know how to build resorts! We usually stay at the Bellagio (another Steve Wynn hotel) and it is always amazing, but the Encore was a treat. It is toward the end of the strip so it is a little quieter than some of the other hotels, but it is still close enough to all the action that you can enjoy Vegas in all of its glory!

Here are a few of the highlights from the trip:

*Cocktails in the Ferrari showroom!!!! Then dinner downstairs, in what seemed like a private Ferrari showroom. Street magicians mingled among us doing the most amazing slight of hand tricks…you know, slipping playing cards under people’s watches and  making credit cards fly…mind blowing magic that left us speechless.

*Learning how to play Ultimate Texas Hold-em. (Still not exactly sure how it all works, but it was fun.)

*Winning $80 on a slot machine, but soon giving it back to the Texas Hold-em dealer.

*As the night get darker and the neon lights shine brighter, the hemlines get shorter and shorter. Watching girls teeter around on their ten inch heals while constantly tugging down on their dress to make sure their butt cheeks aren’t hanging out is a real treat!  By the end of the night their shoes are in their hands and they don’t really care what is hanging out.

* The company took over the Tryst night club at the Wynn hotel…this was the best night of all!! They had an eyelash bar!! All of us gals waited our turn to have some luscious lashes put on. I loved them!! I will never ever go to Vegas again without my lashes!

* The BEST part of the trip was dancing with my husband!!!!!!!! I love to dance, but Sean doesn’t….well, he really does like to dance, but it takes him awhile to warm up to the idea… a little liquid courage always helps. Thank you honey for dancing with me! I love you!

Next stop ,SXSW in Austin!! Can’t wait!

Stardust photo


She believed




You know when you read that thing you needed to read when you needed to read it? Well, this is it for me. It’s so simple…just believe you can and then do it! Believe in the gifts God gave you, the gifts that make you, you. As my girls are growing up, I want them to feel confident in their gifts and talents and not be afraid to be themselves. I’m pretty sure everyone wants that for their kids, and for themselves. I can’t wait to buy this print and put it up in their room as a reminder to just believe!

She believed she could so she did print by Valentina

Game Day

Football, for me, is usually the background noise I hear while I am taking a nap on the couch. I am easily lulled to sleep by the silky voices of the announcers and the musical trills of the refs whistles, but that changed for me this year. I have been converted to a football fan, and it is all because I agreed to join a Fantasy Football League with some of my friends. I enjoyed this season so much that I am actually sad that it is over. What??  I am looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday for a few reasons, first, I actually know who is playing…most years I don’t care. That is a sad thing to admit, but it’s true. Second, I enjoy drinking a healthy amount of beer with friends, and third, I adore food, especially anything that is delivered to my face on a chip!

I did a little searching for some fun new recipes to bring to the Super Bowl party we are going to. Two of the recipes are a fun twist on the super yummy Jalapeño Poppers! Yum. I’m having a hard time deciding what I will make, but I feel confident that I won’t go wrong with any of these choices.
8. Cheese and Crackers