Happy Bee Day

Happy Birthday, Tucker!

Our cute little nephew just celebrated his first birthday in a way that any little boy would love…at the park, on a beautiful fall day with loads of kids running around. Once we finished goofing around with the kids on the playground, we made our way over to the pavilion and I was blown away. My very crafty and very pregnant sister-in-law put together the cutest “Bee” day party.  It wasn’t the “cutesy” kind of party…it was tasteful and beautiful, not to mention, really yummy.

 Brittainy, my sister-in-law has a 3-year-old (barely), a 1-year-old and is due with #3 in January. I don’t know how she managed to find the energy to go hunting around in the woods to find the perfect sticks to make her little “hobo” bags. The bags were carefully filled with homemade biscuits…and what goes better with biscuits than honey? She made these simply beautiful “honey pots” from cute spice jars that she found at Crate and Barrel.  She topped it off with a Beehive Cake, (Brown-Butter Banana Cake and Honey Buttercream) topped with marzipan bees! The Birthday Boy got his own cake, which he patted for a while, not really sure what to do with it, but once he tasted it he was very happy! I was hoping he was going to look at me and invite me to dive into the cake with him, but it never happened. He said” hey lady, this is mine…don’t even think about it.”   So, I backed off and enjoyed the cupcakes!

Happy Birthday, big guy, Auntie loves you!

If you are planning a “Bee” themed birthday, or any theme for that matter, I have the girl for you! Elizabeth, at Swanky Press, has created a lovely Bee Birthday invitation… great quality and fantastic prices! She also has all sorts of cute ideas for parties in her blog, Simply Swanky.  Elizabeth has added lots of fun new things to her shop, customizable melamine plates, personalized aluminum water bottles…all sorts of cute things…I will stop talking now and let you take a peek!