It’s Boo Time!

PicMonkey Collage Boo 2

Yay! It’s BOO time!

During a trip to the grocery store, I noticed they had brought out my favorite childhood cereals for Halloween. I LOVED Count Chocula, Boo-Berry and Franken-Berry as a kid…really loved them!! I was known to sneak the box out of the cabinet and hide it somewhere in my room as a little midnight snack….I would also hide chocolate chips, powdered sugar and saltine crackers…I know I’m a weirdo! I once baked a tray of brownies and then hid them in my nightstand so no one would eat any. My family still talks about that.

Anyway, while looking and rem-mincing about how good that stuff is, it hit me like a  bolt of lightning….they would make super fun Boo gifts!!  I thought the kids might enjoy a little sugar in the morning!!! So I snatched up a few Count Chocula’s and Boo Berry’s, but I was sad that I couldn’t find Franken-Berry…oh well, the two would have to do!

We decided to wrap the boxes up like mummy’s to make them a little spooky. Along with the cereal we gave them a small bag of candy for their afternoon fix of sugar. Your welcome, moms…just covering my bases.

I was really happy when I came across these free printable “We’ve Been Booed” prints from The TomKat Studio!! Aren’t they fun? She also had a great spider one as well!

Here is the link to the Printables:

The TomKat Studio

Happy Booing!!

Booed TomKat

Booed TomKat 2


Holiday Gift Tags

I am a sucker for great packaging. My husband will often ask “did you buy that because it has a cute label?” and my response is usually, “maybe.” I think if he picked up a piece of mulch out of our yard and put it in a cute box with some sort of cute label, I would love it! So, here are some cute, free printables for you to make your Christmas packages all cute and stuff.


Chalkboard-Style Printable gift tags from, Poppytalk:

Poppytalk Gift Tags


Holiday Printables from Paper Crave.




Gift tags from Jill Means for One Charming Party.



Sunshine and Rainbows

What could be happier than a rainbow?

I’m one of those people who loves rainy days…I watch the forecast and look forward to the rain. The smell in the air, the way the lights look in the house when it is kinda dark outside, and as a runner I prefer to run in a light drizzle. I know, weird huh?  I am also that person who loves a crystal clear sunny day where we stay outside all day…I think I just don’t like the in-between days, you know, kinda cloudy with no rain and just dreary. The ideal day is a light rain in the morning, so I can run in it, then the sun peeps through and the rainbow magic begins!

Having girls who truly believe there is gold at the end of the rainbow makes things even more magical. They also believe in little leprechaun’s who are after that illusive pot of gold! I found a fun project that gives you a guaranteed pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

This clever little project comes from one of my favorite blogs, Hostess with the Mostess. Jen St. Claire of Little Sprout Creations  was the contributor for this fun idea at Hostess with the Mostess. She was also nice enough to include a link to her free printable gift tags!! Yay!! The tags make it extra special!! Have fun!!

1.The Rainbow Room

2. The Lucky Elephant

3. Without the Rain print on Pinterest ( There is no source for this print so if anyone knows where I can find it I will make sure to include the link.)

4. Rainbow pops