For the Fellas

This post is dedicated to all of us that might struggle with gifts for the fellas in our lives…. husbands, your Fantasy Football opponents, dads, brothers, your crazy neighbor who loves to drink Mas Cervezas, and your co-worker who loves to drop f-bombs…whoever they are, they may enjoy a little something a bit quirky and off-beat.

1.F-Bomb paperweight / 2. The Very Manly Varieties of Beer Print

3.Cast-iron tool bottle openers / 4. golf umbrella



I have always been a bit of a magazine junkie, and now that I have been introduced to online magazines, I am a pretty happy girl. I’m thrilled that so many of the online magazines are focusing on smaller businesses and hidden little gems that most large, glossy mags don’t spend much time featuring.

I woke up
way too early this morning, 4:20 to be exact (it’s a Saturday morning, BTW, and my husband is out-of-town,) and I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I cracked open my laptop to take a peek at a few of my favorite blogs, and then I hoped to fall back to sleep. Well, thanks to Ez and her Holiday Gift Guide, Gifted, over at Creature Comforts; getting some extra sleep wasn’t going to happen.

Her Gifted issue last year was the first online magazine I had ever seen. I was in love! I
have been eagerly awaiting her latest issue and now it’s here, yay!


I Moustache you a question…

Do you fancy a stache?

Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, Brian Fantana, Ron Burgandy, and soon my hunky husband, Sean, will be sporting one for Movember! BTW…if you’re not sure who Brian Fantana and Ron Burgandy are, I urge you to watch the movie, Anchorman. Hilarious.

 I laugh 60% of the time…everytime. Ron Burgandy is kind of a big deal.

Sean and a few of the fellas are growing out their Mo’s this month. I can’t wait to see how he looks, but we might need to be a little bit careful with the smooches. ouch. I think Sean is looking forward to doing this when he has a little to play with:

I found a few moustache goodies for the ladies who would like to support the cause as well, and aren’t comfortable growning out their stashes.

1. Moustache necklace , buysomelove / 2. moustache studs, isette / 3. moustache pins, yummypocket

4.moustache pint glasses, modernmadness / 5. moustache koozie, rockwild / 6. moustache letterpress, Renegade Handmade

Have fun and stay classy.

Creepy and Crunchy

The girls are very excited that PaP Pap and CoCo are coming to visit for Halloween. Mommy and Daddy are excited as well. P&C don’t mind hanging at the house and handing out candy, while we get to Trick or Treat with the kids in the hood and collect the loot. We just set them up with some snacks and a bottle of wine and they are happy campers.

As I was taking a look around Etsy, like I usually do, I came across some wicked…(wickedly awesome) finds.
I don’t think this Wicked Witch bookmark, by Woodland Honey, will work very well in my Kindle, so it’s a good thing I prefer real books. They also make bookmarks with elf legs that may make a great stocking stuffer. (Just thinking ahead.)
Beware of toxins, turmoil and Poison. These 19th century inspired votive candle holders, by Burke Hare Co. are creepy, cool. They also make some bewitching chalkboard frames…not creepy, but very cool.
I’ll have some Cap’n Crunch with a side of spider please. This whimsical pottery, by Village Clayworks is beautifully handmade with a side of humor thrown in. She has a cockroach bowl in her shop that might be fun for a good April Fool’s Day prank. Heee heee heeee.
Mummified Oreos, roasted pumpkin seeds and Spooky Halloween Mix may just be on the menu for the big night. I’m sure after we raid the girl’s candy stash we may be in the mood for something salty and crunchy!

It’s a keeper

I realized that I have fallen into a rut when it comes to bringing food to parties…I’m pretty sure I have become predictable. “Oh, here comes Tracy with her crostini’s and goat cheese again, greaaaat.”  Well, now I have a new one, so watch out ladies…you will see this one a whole bunch!

Like many people, I have become  hooked on Pinterest. I spend way too much time there, but I can’t help myself, it’s just too pretty and full of so many great ideas. While searching for baby shower ideas, I stumbled upon a photo that I thought was just regular old cookie dough, but when I read it was a dip, I had to check it out. The recipe comes from a yummy blog by Robyn Stone, called, Add a Pinch, and I am so happy I found it. Robyn puts a twist on this recipe by adding Heath toffee bits to the dip, yum! She also recommends serving it with chocolate graham crackers and/or apples…which is exactly what I did. I have found a few other recipes on her blog that I look forward to trying. I’m sure my husband won’t mind if I mix things up a bit!

If you are looking for a fun new sweet treat to serve at a party…this might just do the trick! Enjoy.

P.S.  Yes, I had to run a few extra miles this morning to make up for my mass consumption of this stuff, but it was worth it!

Happy Bee Day

Happy Birthday, Tucker!

Our cute little nephew just celebrated his first birthday in a way that any little boy would love…at the park, on a beautiful fall day with loads of kids running around. Once we finished goofing around with the kids on the playground, we made our way over to the pavilion and I was blown away. My very crafty and very pregnant sister-in-law put together the cutest “Bee” day party.  It wasn’t the “cutesy” kind of party…it was tasteful and beautiful, not to mention, really yummy.

 Brittainy, my sister-in-law has a 3-year-old (barely), a 1-year-old and is due with #3 in January. I don’t know how she managed to find the energy to go hunting around in the woods to find the perfect sticks to make her little “hobo” bags. The bags were carefully filled with homemade biscuits…and what goes better with biscuits than honey? She made these simply beautiful “honey pots” from cute spice jars that she found at Crate and Barrel.  She topped it off with a Beehive Cake, (Brown-Butter Banana Cake and Honey Buttercream) topped with marzipan bees! The Birthday Boy got his own cake, which he patted for a while, not really sure what to do with it, but once he tasted it he was very happy! I was hoping he was going to look at me and invite me to dive into the cake with him, but it never happened. He said” hey lady, this is mine…don’t even think about it.”   So, I backed off and enjoyed the cupcakes!

Happy Birthday, big guy, Auntie loves you!

If you are planning a “Bee” themed birthday, or any theme for that matter, I have the girl for you! Elizabeth, at Swanky Press, has created a lovely Bee Birthday invitation… great quality and fantastic prices! She also has all sorts of cute ideas for parties in her blog, Simply Swanky.  Elizabeth has added lots of fun new things to her shop, customizable melamine plates, personalized aluminum water bottles…all sorts of cute things…I will stop talking now and let you take a peek!

Loose toof

 It seems that there is always one wiggly tooth in our household, so the Tooth Fairy is always on alert.

Our neighborhood is full of kids, all around the same age, and I can tell you that there is often talk at the bus stop about wiggly teeth.  Yesterday was a special day for one little lady in our neighborhood…she lost her first tooth…in school..and she came home with the coveted “tooth necklace” from the clinic. This small, tooth shaped plastic pendant, holds the lost tooth safely, and  is worn proudly around the neck. It is a “badge of honor.” I honestly think that my daughter, Daley, is trying to time her next loss…she is working that tooth at school, and then will carefully eat at home to make sure that it stays put until the next school day. Good luck, sweetheart!

Our Tooth Fairy is a pretty cool lady; she leaves glitter all over the place…(which now I have to clean up,) and she will leave some sort of note. But now there is a Tooth Fairy Kit out there that is going to put the ole glitter and note bit to shame! I found this kit at a fantastically fun shop, House 8810.  This kit is beautifully done. The Tooth Fairy kit contains:  one letterpress certificate of record for filing with your local tooth fairy, and one silk screened cloth deposit bag for your first and all subsequent transactions.  The official certificate keeps track of: name, age, tooth lost, method of extraction, and compensation information. They also have additional certificates available to keep on hand for future deposits.

 I have come close to blowing my cover a few times searching for that teeny tiny little thing, on the top bunk, in the dark, after a glass of wine. This kit will make it much easier to find. If you are not a fan of hiding the tooth under the pillow, well, this just made your job that much easier!!

Birthday Boy

Hi, Honey! Happy Birthday!

Since “The Most Interesting Man in the World” title was taken by the Dos Equis guy. *

 We’ve decided you are officially…”The Most Amazing Man on the Planet.” **

You have many things in common with Mr. XX; but you also have other qualities that are far more intriguing:

* He doesn’t give high fives; only high sixes.

** His burps are not just burps, they are rrrribbits.

** When he smells his socks; the socks thank him.

* His Mother has a tattoo that says Son.

** He can sence a picture is not level, even before he enters the room.

* He never says long story short.

** Cookie dough gives him big muscles.

** Give him two forks, a pair of toothpicks and a salt shaker and he will blow your mind.

* When people pay attention to him, he keeps the change.

** Weeds weep in his presence.

* The contents of his taco refuse to fall out.

** The white patches in his beard have magical powers.

** When people say “no worries” in his presence, they suddenly turn to stone.

* He doesn’t make wishes on his birthday, he grants them.

I hope you have a wonderful day granting wishes…you’ve certainly granted mine.

I love you more than you will ever know!


(Hurry home, we miss you!)

A Little Love In It

We have a fun tradition in our family on Saturday mornings. Chocolate Chip Pancakes!

My dad used to make them for us every Saturday morning, and he still does when we come up to visit. We have decided to keep that tradition alive for our girls.  My dad uses Bisquick for his pancakes…yum, but my mother-in-law has a simple recipe that is very easy and really good, maybe better than Bisquick…sorry, dad. Love you. One of the best parts of this tradition is getting my girls in the kitchen with me to help. Ellie especially loves to help with the pancakes. She will bring her “helping stool” over, and with her whisk in hand, she is ready to go.

When my husband, Sean, tastes anything the girls and I make, he always says,”I can taste the love in it.” Of course that makes us super happy! Our girls are still in the stage where they take everything literally, so now when we make anything, they like to make sure they put they “put the love in it,” by blowing kisses into the batter and giving the bowl a big hug. It’s pretty cute.

I have seen chocolate chip pancakes where the chocolate chips are added to the batter, but we like to make plain pancakes and add the chocolate chips on top.

If you are suddenly in the mood for some warm and cozy pancakes, here is a recipe I hope you enjoy. You may just have all of the ingredients you need, right in your pantry!

Thanks, Grandma! We love you!

So long, Sucker

Good-bye, sweet little sucker fish…we will miss you.

Our girls just got their first fish tank and they are over the moon about it. The tank has two gold-fish, Candy Corn and Peaches, but the favorite of all was the little brown sucker fish named…well, what else do you name a sucker fish…Sucker. That bumpy little brown fish would wiggle around with his squatty little body and the girls would giggle like crazy. He was only with us with us for about a week, but he was sure loved!

Daley has been the most affected by it. She has cried herself to sleep the last two nights and she cries easily at the thought of him…or anything that is small and lumpy or any shade of brown. It is heartbreaking to see her so upset, but we will soon have another little sucker fish and I am pretty sure he may bear the name, Sucker II…just a guess.

R.I.P Sucker, we love you.