It’s not always so easy to enjoy the not-so-good moments, or the super embarrassing moments, or the time when your child says something that hurts someone’s feelings, or when people ask you if you’re pregnant but you’re not, or when you are talking to someone for 2 hours and then someone else tells you “you have something black in your teeth” and you think,”what??? I have been talking to this person and she never told me!” …..  2 whole hours …. Or the time you forgot to return someone’s call and they call you out on it and you feel like a total “you know what” (rhymes with grass)…

What made me stop and take notice of this print is the idea of actually enjoying not-so-good moments…cuz sometimes those are the moments that make us humble, and real and relatable. The moments when we can commiserate with our friends about and we feel like we aren’t the only ones who make silly mistakes and we’re not alone in this crazy world! So go ahead and enjoy the good, the bad and the ugly!

Print by Mothers letters

I don’t necessarily take photos of the not-so-great moments, but I am getting better about capturing some of the good stuff!

This is one of the super good moments to enjoy! Flowers from my husband “just because!” This is my favorite!!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to get flowers, but when they are out of the blue, they are extra special! Thanks, honey, you made my day!

Other great moments this week…watching my girls laugh and giggle together, having lunch at school with Ellie and enjoying Daley’s creativity! I really savor this time and enjoy these moments…they go way too fast!


Pop of Pink

Hurray for Spring…pollen and all!

Fresh baby green leaves on the trees, Cherry trees in full bloom, dogwood trees, honeysuckle, jasmine…yep, I adore Spring! With all the lovely pops of color in nature, it’s time to add a few pops of color in my home, food and maybe even my hair! I can’t stop looking at her pink pieces…I want some!!  When we were in Vegas and Austin I was seeing color everywhere, hidden little pieces that would pop out when their hair moved just right. I was in love; and as soon as I can get an appointment with my stylist (who just so happens to be my sister) I am doing it!!

photo via Creature Comforts

Cupcakes are way better than just cake in my opinion…it’s the frosting to cake ratio that does it for me. More frosting, more yummy! My husband totally disagrees with me on this issue, and that is why we make a good match!! Right, honey?

Call Me Cupcake made these beauties.!

hello-naomi  makes these cookies look so simple, but something tells me that they are a little trickier to make than it seems. Just look at how pretty and smooth her icing is…my icing loves to fall over the edge, and when I bake my dough it gets puffy and misshapen leaving people to wonder, “is that an X or a butterfly?” Maybe one day I will get the hang of it, but for now I will just look and admire!

Fresh guacamole, fresh salsa, crisp chips and a Pink Grapefruit margarita and I am a happy gal!

 pink chalkboard door

I want to kiss the person who created chalkboard paint…now you can find it in colors?!?! What??  How much fun would it be to have a pink door, or any color, really?? Even if you don’t have a door hanging in your home that you could paint a color, it might be fun to find an old door to paint and hang on a wall somewhere…headboard, playroom wall, anywhere!

Top off the day with a strawberry milkshake !

Happy Spring!

Shamrockin’ Printable

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Just in case you don’t want to get pinched, here is a quick little shamrock printable for you.
Look cute while sipping your Guinness or dancin’ a jig!!
My very foxy Irishman is taking our girls to a Father Daughter Dance on St. Patrick’s day. He went out and bought them the sweetest green dresses, and I think these little shamrocks will make a cute “corsage” for the girls and a dapper boutonniere for Sean.
Pop on over to Ellinee  for this free shamrock printable!

Sweet Paul Spring Issue!!!

I have been a big fan of Paul’s ever since I was introduced to his first digital magazine back in 2010. His sense of style, the clean and beautiful photography and the original content he shares in each issue keeps me looking forward to what he has in store for the next season. Paul’s spring issue is impressive and loaded to the max with brilliant, fun and delicious ideas.

I am especially excited about the recipes….there were several I am looking forward to trying. Some looked a bit intimidating, but after reading the ingredients and instructions, they actually look fairly easy and very doable…not so intimidating after all. yay!

Thank you Sweet Paul, you are a pretty amazing fella!

Sweet Paul Magazine

Sunshine and Rainbows

What could be happier than a rainbow?

I’m one of those people who loves rainy days…I watch the forecast and look forward to the rain. The smell in the air, the way the lights look in the house when it is kinda dark outside, and as a runner I prefer to run in a light drizzle. I know, weird huh?  I am also that person who loves a crystal clear sunny day where we stay outside all day…I think I just don’t like the in-between days, you know, kinda cloudy with no rain and just dreary. The ideal day is a light rain in the morning, so I can run in it, then the sun peeps through and the rainbow magic begins!

Having girls who truly believe there is gold at the end of the rainbow makes things even more magical. They also believe in little leprechaun’s who are after that illusive pot of gold! I found a fun project that gives you a guaranteed pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

This clever little project comes from one of my favorite blogs, Hostess with the Mostess. Jen St. Claire of Little Sprout Creations  was the contributor for this fun idea at Hostess with the Mostess. She was also nice enough to include a link to her free printable gift tags!! Yay!! The tags make it extra special!! Have fun!!

1.The Rainbow Room

2. The Lucky Elephant

3. Without the Rain print on Pinterest ( There is no source for this print so if anyone knows where I can find it I will make sure to include the link.)

4. Rainbow pops




Just back from another trip to Vegas!! It feels like we were just there for my 40th birthday in June. This time our trip was with my husband’s company for Chairman’s Club…we were spoiled rotten!! We did not stay at the Stardust, I just love this iconic sign, but we did stay at the stunning Encore hotel. Steve Wynn sure does know how to build resorts! We usually stay at the Bellagio (another Steve Wynn hotel) and it is always amazing, but the Encore was a treat. It is toward the end of the strip so it is a little quieter than some of the other hotels, but it is still close enough to all the action that you can enjoy Vegas in all of its glory!

Here are a few of the highlights from the trip:

*Cocktails in the Ferrari showroom!!!! Then dinner downstairs, in what seemed like a private Ferrari showroom. Street magicians mingled among us doing the most amazing slight of hand tricks…you know, slipping playing cards under people’s watches and  making credit cards fly…mind blowing magic that left us speechless.

*Learning how to play Ultimate Texas Hold-em. (Still not exactly sure how it all works, but it was fun.)

*Winning $80 on a slot machine, but soon giving it back to the Texas Hold-em dealer.

*As the night get darker and the neon lights shine brighter, the hemlines get shorter and shorter. Watching girls teeter around on their ten inch heals while constantly tugging down on their dress to make sure their butt cheeks aren’t hanging out is a real treat!  By the end of the night their shoes are in their hands and they don’t really care what is hanging out.

* The company took over the Tryst night club at the Wynn hotel…this was the best night of all!! They had an eyelash bar!! All of us gals waited our turn to have some luscious lashes put on. I loved them!! I will never ever go to Vegas again without my lashes!

* The BEST part of the trip was dancing with my husband!!!!!!!! I love to dance, but Sean doesn’t….well, he really does like to dance, but it takes him awhile to warm up to the idea… a little liquid courage always helps. Thank you honey for dancing with me! I love you!

Next stop ,SXSW in Austin!! Can’t wait!

Stardust photo

She believed




You know when you read that thing you needed to read when you needed to read it? Well, this is it for me. It’s so simple…just believe you can and then do it! Believe in the gifts God gave you, the gifts that make you, you. As my girls are growing up, I want them to feel confident in their gifts and talents and not be afraid to be themselves. I’m pretty sure everyone wants that for their kids, and for themselves. I can’t wait to buy this print and put it up in their room as a reminder to just believe!

She believed she could so she did print by Valentina

Game Day

Football, for me, is usually the background noise I hear while I am taking a nap on the couch. I am easily lulled to sleep by the silky voices of the announcers and the musical trills of the refs whistles, but that changed for me this year. I have been converted to a football fan, and it is all because I agreed to join a Fantasy Football League with some of my friends. I enjoyed this season so much that I am actually sad that it is over. What??  I am looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday for a few reasons, first, I actually know who is playing…most years I don’t care. That is a sad thing to admit, but it’s true. Second, I enjoy drinking a healthy amount of beer with friends, and third, I adore food, especially anything that is delivered to my face on a chip!

I did a little searching for some fun new recipes to bring to the Super Bowl party we are going to. Two of the recipes are a fun twist on the super yummy Jalapeño Poppers! Yum. I’m having a hard time deciding what I will make, but I feel confident that I won’t go wrong with any of these choices.
8. Cheese and Crackers

Hello, January

One of my dad’s favorite quotes is, “life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.” Well, I would like to think that I still have a pretty full roll, but it is going fast…a little too fast, really. Looking back at the last few months makes me feel like it was all a blur. I put together a little recap for myself to refresh my fuzzy brain as to the fun we had and the people we enjoyed spending time with. I just wish I had photos of everyone.

                                                                                (New Years resolution #1…take more photos.)
Thanksgiving was an amazing trip to Minneapolis to see some of our dearest friends, whom we don’t see near enough, and had a blast!! It was surprisingly warm while we were there. We were hoping to see a little snow, but the warm weather was perfect. Staying with the Sullivan’s is a treat…they can cook, I mean really cook, and we ate and ate and ate…it was heaven.
(New Years resolution #2…eat more bagels.)
Sean and Michael both sported their mustaches in all their glory, full bushy glory. With the end of November came the end of MOvember and the stache came off with a little help from Daley!!
My parents live in an amazing home…my dad is a builder and my mom is an interior decorator and it is a beautiful combination. Their home was part of the Christmas Tour of Homes in their neighborhood and it was stunning! It’s not really fair to even talk about it because I have one measly picture of their kitchen. It was fun to walk the tour with a bunch of strangers and listen to the comments…lots of oohs and ahhs, and I was proud of the work and the attention to detail they put into every corner of the home. It was magical!
The next few weeks were full of Christmas preparations…picking out the perfect Christmas tree, decorating, baking, going to Christmas parties…one party in particular was a little too much fun, the next day was a little fuzzy, but worth it!
Our girls are 8 years old and in my opinion it is the perfect age…they looked forward to more than just the presents, they loved every part of the holiday, but still found the magic in our elf, Minty, and Santa. More importantly, they are understanding the true meaning of Christmas.
Grandma came in town to visit and it was fun as always.  She was also kind enough to watch the girls while Sean and I snuck off to New Orleans for a quick get away. The weather was stellar, the music was amazing and the Beignets at Cafe Du Monde were just as I remembered, warm and piled high with powdered sugar. yum! Sean and I had a blast…easy conversation, lots of laughs and a great time to just reconnect after a busy month. I adore our trips together!
(New Years Resolution#3…travel more.)
Our year started off with the arrival of our new little niece! We are so excited to add another girl into our family! We have 8 nephews, so it is nice to have a little lady in our family. I think Brittainy looks amazing for JUST having a baby…not fair!!! It is laughable how bad I looked after having the girls, I was so puffy and fluffy and…well, you get the picture…not good!
Welcome, little e, we love you!
(New Years Resolution #4…kiss more babies.)
Mom and dad came to the hospital to meet their new granddaughter, she is the spitting image of her oldest brother. Super duper cute!
The last picture is of Ellie, she adores babies and is the best mommy to her baby dolls!