It’s Boo Time!

PicMonkey Collage Boo 2

Yay! It’s BOO time!

During a trip to the grocery store, I noticed they had brought out my favorite childhood cereals for Halloween. I LOVED Count Chocula, Boo-Berry and Franken-Berry as a kid…really loved them!! I was known to sneak the box out of the cabinet and hide it somewhere in my room as a little midnight snack….I would also hide chocolate chips, powdered sugar and saltine crackers…I know I’m a weirdo! I once baked a tray of brownies and then hid them in my nightstand so no one would eat any. My family still talks about that.

Anyway, while looking and rem-mincing about how good that stuff is, it hit me like a  bolt of lightning….they would make super fun Boo gifts!!  I thought the kids might enjoy a little sugar in the morning!!! So I snatched up a few Count Chocula’s and Boo Berry’s, but I was sad that I couldn’t find Franken-Berry…oh well, the two would have to do!

We decided to wrap the boxes up like mummy’s to make them a little spooky. Along with the cereal we gave them a small bag of candy for their afternoon fix of sugar. Your welcome, moms…just covering my bases.

I was really happy when I came across these free printable “We’ve Been Booed” prints from The TomKat Studio!! Aren’t they fun? She also had a great spider one as well!

Here is the link to the Printables:

The TomKat Studio

Happy Booing!!

Booed TomKat

Booed TomKat 2