Here we go again.

Back into the swing of things…  The first day of school always leaves me with a pit in my stomach; as I walk back into a very quiet, but familiar home, my daughters are walking independently around a big building, finding their own way to class, as they are managing their first day of school jitters all on their own. New room, new friends, new schedule; I know it’s all a part of growing up, but the mother in me still feels that need to make sure they aren’t scared or lost or who knows what.  It’s always a huge relief to see their smiling faces come off of the bus, bursting with all sorts of stories about their days. Suddenly, the loud craziness is back into our home, where there is a bit of sisterly bickering about who is going to tell me about their day first, and all feels right with the world.


Our summer was jam-packed full of “pinch me” moments. I’ve put together a quick recap of the fun in a little Vimeo slide show:



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