This is the first summer that I am attempting to grow a mini garden…I am starting small because I am super bad at keeping plants alive.

I am highly envious of people who have the gardening gene…I so badly want to be a grower of pretty things, but in all honesty, I’m just really bad at it. I feel sad for the plants I buy at the store. I whisper my apologies to them as I put them in the shopping cart of death…poor little plants never stand a chance. Well, this year I am turning over a new leaf. I have thriving plants that are producing fruit! Yay! A strawberry actually made it into my little girls mouth, and I have about 8 tomatoes that are looking promising! I am looking forward to bringing produce into my house that does not have a sticker on it.
I found a few recipes that will hopefully showcase my homegrown tomatoes and basil nicely. Enjoy
Balsamic Grilled Summer Vegetables with Basil Quinoa Salad by Veggie belly
Tomato, Ricotta and Grilled Bread from Alexandra’s Kitchen
Caprese Baked Egg Cups by How Sweet It Is

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