For the Fellas

This post is dedicated to all of us that might struggle with gifts for the fellas in our lives…. husbands, your Fantasy Football opponents, dads, brothers, your crazy neighbor who loves to drink Mas Cervezas, and your co-worker who loves to drop f-bombs…whoever they are, they may enjoy a little something a bit quirky and off-beat.

1.F-Bomb paperweight / 2. The Very Manly Varieties of Beer Print

3.Cast-iron tool bottle openers / 4. golf umbrella



I have always been a bit of a magazine junkie, and now that I have been introduced to online magazines, I am a pretty happy girl. I’m thrilled that so many of the online magazines are focusing on smaller businesses and hidden little gems that most large, glossy mags don’t spend much time featuring.

I woke up
way too early this morning, 4:20 to be exact (it’s a Saturday morning, BTW, and my husband is out-of-town,) and I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I cracked open my laptop to take a peek at a few of my favorite blogs, and then I hoped to fall back to sleep. Well, thanks to Ez and her Holiday Gift Guide, Gifted, over at Creature Comforts; getting some extra sleep wasn’t going to happen.

Her Gifted issue last year was the first online magazine I had ever seen. I was in love! I
have been eagerly awaiting her latest issue and now it’s here, yay!


I Moustache you a question…

Do you fancy a stache?

Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, Brian Fantana, Ron Burgandy, and soon my hunky husband, Sean, will be sporting one for Movember! BTW…if you’re not sure who Brian Fantana and Ron Burgandy are, I urge you to watch the movie, Anchorman. Hilarious.

 I laugh 60% of the time…everytime. Ron Burgandy is kind of a big deal.

Sean and a few of the fellas are growing out their Mo’s this month. I can’t wait to see how he looks, but we might need to be a little bit careful with the smooches. ouch. I think Sean is looking forward to doing this when he has a little to play with:

I found a few moustache goodies for the ladies who would like to support the cause as well, and aren’t comfortable growning out their stashes.

1. Moustache necklace , buysomelove / 2. moustache studs, isette / 3. moustache pins, yummypocket

4.moustache pint glasses, modernmadness / 5. moustache koozie, rockwild / 6. moustache letterpress, Renegade Handmade

Have fun and stay classy.