Loose toof

 It seems that there is always one wiggly tooth in our household, so the Tooth Fairy is always on alert.

Our neighborhood is full of kids, all around the same age, and I can tell you that there is often talk at the bus stop about wiggly teeth.  Yesterday was a special day for one little lady in our neighborhood…she lost her first tooth…in school..and she came home with the coveted “tooth necklace” from the clinic. This small, tooth shaped plastic pendant, holds the lost tooth safely, and  is worn proudly around the neck. It is a “badge of honor.” I honestly think that my daughter, Daley, is trying to time her next loss…she is working that tooth at school, and then will carefully eat at home to make sure that it stays put until the next school day. Good luck, sweetheart!

Our Tooth Fairy is a pretty cool lady; she leaves glitter all over the place…(which now I have to clean up,) and she will leave some sort of note. But now there is a Tooth Fairy Kit out there that is going to put the ole glitter and note bit to shame! I found this kit at a fantastically fun shop, House 8810.  This kit is beautifully done. The Tooth Fairy kit contains:  one letterpress certificate of record for filing with your local tooth fairy, and one silk screened cloth deposit bag for your first and all subsequent transactions.  The official certificate keeps track of: name, age, tooth lost, method of extraction, and compensation information. They also have additional certificates available to keep on hand for future deposits.

 I have come close to blowing my cover a few times searching for that teeny tiny little thing, on the top bunk, in the dark, after a glass of wine. This kit will make it much easier to find. If you are not a fan of hiding the tooth under the pillow, well, this just made your job that much easier!!