Birthday Boy

Hi, Honey! Happy Birthday!

Since “The Most Interesting Man in the World” title was taken by the Dos Equis guy. *

 We’ve decided you are officially…”The Most Amazing Man on the Planet.” **

You have many things in common with Mr. XX; but you also have other qualities that are far more intriguing:

* He doesn’t give high fives; only high sixes.

** His burps are not just burps, they are rrrribbits.

** When he smells his socks; the socks thank him.

* His Mother has a tattoo that says Son.

** He can sence a picture is not level, even before he enters the room.

* He never says long story short.

** Cookie dough gives him big muscles.

** Give him two forks, a pair of toothpicks and a salt shaker and he will blow your mind.

* When people pay attention to him, he keeps the change.

** Weeds weep in his presence.

* The contents of his taco refuse to fall out.

** The white patches in his beard have magical powers.

** When people say “no worries” in his presence, they suddenly turn to stone.

* He doesn’t make wishes on his birthday, he grants them.

I hope you have a wonderful day granting wishes…you’ve certainly granted mine.

I love you more than you will ever know!


(Hurry home, we miss you!)


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