So long, Sucker

Good-bye, sweet little sucker fish…we will miss you.

Our girls just got their first fish tank and they are over the moon about it. The tank has two gold-fish, Candy Corn and Peaches, but the favorite of all was the little brown sucker fish named…well, what else do you name a sucker fish…Sucker. That bumpy little brown fish would wiggle around with his squatty little body and the girls would giggle like crazy. He was only with us with us for about a week, but he was sure loved!

Daley has been the most affected by it. She has cried herself to sleep the last two nights and she cries easily at the thought of him…or anything that is small and lumpy or any shade of brown. It is heartbreaking to see her so upset, but we will soon have another little sucker fish and I am pretty sure he may bear the name, Sucker II…just a guess.

R.I.P Sucker, we love you.


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